Omega Technical Services Company

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Job satisfaction, Management Pages: 5 (1746 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Job satisfaction at Omega Technical Services
Omega, is a medium sized UK company established in the 1980s providing advanced IT solutions to the engineering industry, employing a large number of staff in Sites across the country. The organization underwent considerable change in the mid-1990s in order to improve its competitive position, with a much greater emphasis on external pressures. Even though Omega is a highly standardised organisation seeking consistency in all its practices we have evidence of variations in the implementation of human resource practices and of employee views of the ways managers exercise their discretion which led to increasing labour turnover and absenteeism. ANALYSES

The first thing to take into consideration would be the perception in Omega of employee discretion. Procedures and routines which are set by the head office are meant to be followed to establish standardised jobs across the company as a whole. However, as Fox has argued ‘no role can be totally diffuse or totally specific', even in tightly controlled jobs some residual element of discretion always remains’ (1974:19-20). There is an evidence of discretion variations present in omega. Taking for example, the amount of influence the employees have to carry out their job is less. “I would like to be more involved in decision making (63%)”, “I have little control over things that affect me at work (68%)”, “I feel frustrated by things over which i have no control at work (80%)”. However, the extent to which employees find their job challenging is comparatively higher because it reflects the nature of a job which is demanding making it less susceptible to local interpretation. “My work offers no challenge (16%)”, “Omega demands high standard of workmanship (64%)”. This situation can be related to Herzberg Job enrichment theory which was further refined by Hackman and Oldham using the job characteristics model. Considering the assumptions of the model, If Omega employees possess the five core characteristics, three psychological states critical to motivation will be produced which will result in positive outcomes such as job satisfaction, therefore reduce the absenteeism and turnover rate amongst employees. Secondly, the way the regional managers interpret their discretion when putting into operation the routines instructed from the head office. From the employee perceptions about management from the survey conducted regarding involvement, communication, respect, coaching, treatment and guidance employees obtain from their line managers: “I am often asked my opinion about job related issues (41%)”,“I receive regular feedback on my work from my superiors(38%)”, “I never know what’s going on in other regions (84%), “Omega does not treat its employees well (61%)”, “The management of the company care about the conditions in which we work( 22%)“. It is evident that if related to Kurt lewins leadership styles, the regional managers and project leaders at omega have a very controlling style (Autocratic leadership) of managing which can be defined as “x theory” of style.They do not see the need to have a psychological contract.This type of leadership style is considered poor because it does not accept employee suggestions and comments. These poor results show how managers at omega are at solving problems, fairly treating employees, giving respect, exchanging and sharing of knowledge between employees and line managers. It can also be argued that the way the Site Managers exercise their discretion effects the willingness of employees to go 'beyond contract'.A more transformational leadership style should be adopted to establish feedback generation in situations.According to Burns,The aspect of leadership is supported by communication skills .From the survey results, communication is a major problem associated with the way managers coordinate with the employees.In order to communicate with the employees at Omega,Understanding their needs play a big...
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