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Omega Research is a rapidly growing research and consulting firm. They have a single main office located in Reston, VA and three small branch offices located in San Diego, CA, Salem, OR, and Kansas City, MO. Omega is not currently involved in e-commerce or business-tobusiness relationships. Two weeks ago, Omega experienced a significant loss of proprietary data (estimated value $550,000.00) that was stored electronically in an Oracle database in their main office in Reston. The data was unrecoverable and backups were not being routinely maintained, so no restoration was possible. Although he has no hard evidence, Omega’s CTO believes that the loss resulted from deliberate deletion of files by a systems administrator from the Kansas City office that had been “let go” several weeks prior to the loss. Needless to say, the CTO has been tasked to “get things under control.” You have been hired as a consultant to develop a comprehensive plan for improving the company’s recovery posture in order to prevent future outage of Omega’s critical systems and network resources. Your guidance and observations will eventually be used to develop a long-term procedural and policy solution for Omega Research. The CTO has stepped up to the plate and made the commitment to do whatever it takes to address these issues.

Baseline Network Infrastructure
* Omega leverages AT&T Managed Internet Services for each of its office locations. * Omega owns and manages the border routers for each of their office sites. * Offices in Reston, San Diego, and Kansas City receive full T-1 service. * Offices in Salem receive 256k F-T1 circuit service.


Business processes provided by AIX Environment

1. Financial
2. Reporting
3. Data Warehouse


Vendor| Services| Address| Phone| Contacts|
IBM| Tape LibraryTSM Server| 522 South RdPoughkeepsie, NY 12601| 214 451-7747| Steve Barretta| SunGard| Recovery services for server environment| 401 N Broad St.Philadelphia, PA| 877 456-3966215 351-1300| * Don Meltin (Test Coord.) * Jack Fabrianni (Acct. Rep) * Lincoln Balducci (Resource Coord.)|

Local Area Architecture (Reston Office)

AIX Environment

* Perimeter protection provided by screening router. Configured for dynamic packet filtering using reflexive Access Control Lists (ACL’s). * Remote access is provided to employees while at home or on travel through PPTP VPN, and, dial-up RAS offered by a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server ®. * All servers in the Reston office have been centrally located to a data center. * The Reston data center supports a 5-keypunch combination lock that is required to have access to the room. That combination is shared with all IT personnel and is infrequently rotated. * The data center is controlled for humidity through HVAC purification. * The data center is controlled for temperature with isolated HVAC services. * The data center is not on a raised floor to control static electricity. * The data center does not have a site-wide UPS. Each server and network equipment supports their own mini-UPS.

* Internal Omega E-mail is supported by a Microsoft Exchange ® 2000 mail server running on a Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Server. Omega has installed an SMTP mail gateway to support Internet mail exchange. * Omega is the registered owner of and maintains a DNS Server at the Reston facility for name resolution supporting Omega users and to allow Internet access to publicly accessible information (web and e-mail). * Web hosting services are provided on a Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Server running Internet Information Services (IIS). * X.500 directory services are available through Active Directory although their implementation is relatively immature – they are operating in a mixed...
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