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Old Town White Coffee, founded in 1999, made history when the company became the first, the pioneer white coffee producer to manufacture and launch the famous Malaysia Ipoh White coffee as a 3in1 instant Blend. Old town White Coffee 3in1 classic together with the original recipe from 1958 spearheaded a breakthrough in the coffee industry. The company single-handedly captured the original authentic taste of an otherwise localized white coffee, turning in into a mobile commodity a fast moving consumer good (FMCG), capturing the South East Asia market.



The Old Town White Coffee goal is to let everyone enjoy every sip authentic Malaysian Ipoh white coffee anytime and anywhere.


To be Asian Pacific’s Leading White coffee producer providing high quality products to customers globally.


To promote our unique Malaysian taste- the authentic Ipoh White Coffee and continue White Coffee Legacy the rough continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations.

By setting precedence Old Town White Coffee have made a standard that equals excellence, pushing other brands to do the same.

Strive for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology in our commitment to create customer value in our both product services.

These continuing efforts maintain and reinforce our market leader status and more us forward to become a leading White coffee producer in Asia pacific.


STRENGTHS-The profits obtained by Old Town is quite high compared to other coffee shop in Malaysia.-Offer other foods, such as “heavy food”-Has many branches throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.| WEAKNESS-Old town coffee also depends an the coffee and makes them difficult to diversify their product.-Innovation is slow because depend on one product only.| OPPORTUNITIES-Able to expend its operation to the global market to be introduction throughout ASEAN.-Able to...
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