Okra Tea

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  • Published: January 27, 2013
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This desertion would not have been possible without the guidance and help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. First of all, we would like to thanks Mrs. Mary Grace Ababat for letting us be given the chance to find another useful product and have us think thoroughly through the pros and cons, ins and outs, and its and buts of this proposed investigation. We would also like to thank our fellow group mates for the teamwork and effort that we have put in order to make this project successful. Jonica Days C.Alacon for the informative research, resources about our product and materials that we have used. Monica J.Pingol for letting us into her home to conduct our investigatory project into the final product. Betina Ann B.Soligam for helping us in the process of making our final product. Frances Gail B.Morandarte for double-checking our conclusions and checking grammatical inconsistencies, errors and the like. Arvin Roy Gomez for providing materials in making our project. Aaron Justine Tampengco for also helping us with our project and occasionally supporting us financially.

Purpose of the Project
Our purpose why we conduct this kind of investigatory project is to improve an existing device. Accidentally, we discovered other product okra can produce. Aside from coffee, we found out that the seeds of okra can also make tea. Our tea helps improve and enhance our immune system because of the okra seeds itself is rich in Vitamin C. It can also avoid certain causes of coughs and colds. One more thing we liked about this accidental discovery of us is that it is not costly but affordable yet nutritious. Procedure Used

Step 1: The okra seed will be dried under the sun for at least two (2) to three (3) days. Step 2: Once dried, roast...
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