Blackberry Tea

Topics: Tea, Coffee, Statistical significance Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 10, 2013

Oven-Dried Blackberry Fruit As A Substitute For TEA


Our country imports commercial tea from tea-producing countries. This is why the tea we drink is expensive. This research project is aimed at finding whether oven-dried blackberry fruit can be a substitute for commercial tea. This study would also like to determine other possible uses of the fruit, which is abundant when in season. Samples of blackberry fruit went through oven-drying and then pulverized. Thus, this produced powdered samples, similar to those commercial ones. Five hundred sixty-one grams of the fruit samples were subjected to washing and weighing. The samples took six hours and thirty minutes of drying at a temperature of 100oC before pulverization. One and one-eighth of a gram of sample was weighed and packed in a teabag. A taste test with twenty panelists was held to evaluate the prepared samples in terms of color, odor, taste and general acceptability using the smiley scale. Statistical tests were done using the Freidman’s test. Statistical tests showed there was a significant difference in taste and color between commercial and that of blackberry tea. But there was no significant difference in color and overall acceptability of the samples. Blackberry is a feasible substitute for tea. However, the taste and color of the beverage should be improved.


Tea is a mildly stimulating drink made from leaves of the tea plant. A staple beverage in most parts of Asia, Africa, and the United Kingdom, and the United States, tea is drunk more often than any other prepared beverages. It was first used as a medicine since it contains vitamins such as vitamin B and nicotinic acid This research aims to find whether the prepared drink from the blackberry fruit can be compared with the commercial tea product in terms of odor, color, taste, and general acceptability. Tea may be easier to make but not in the Philippines. The country does not have...
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