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Oceanlink Institute, Inc., has been created to produce, through training, the best sea-based and land-based professionals in industries of maritime, hospitality, and culinary arts for domestic and international employment. The company aims to provide quality training and education to current and upcoming seafarers to prepare them for their work when they board their ships.OI offers programs required for domestic and international employment onboard vessels which are accredited by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Maritime Training Council (MTC).Students who want to work onboard international and domestic vessels after graduation can take advantage of programs that link schools to the real world of work of seafarers. OI offers courses accredited by Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and in-house courses that uses vessels in partnership with 2GO Group (previously Negros Navigation-Aboitiz Transport System), as floating classrooms, as the main training environment. Oceanlink Institute envisions itself to be the preferred provider of skilled and competent maritime, hospitality, and culinary arts professionals Anchored in excellence, they are committed to: Develop students’ competence through the delivery of quality education to meet global requirements of the shipping and other service industries. Provide a harmonious working environment for the employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Comply with the Safety and Environmental Policy and uphold its Corporate Responsibility Program.

A.New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired

I acquired and learned various skills through effective application of the theories and concepts learned in our formal education. exposure and hands-on types of learning are imperative for they teach the students the first-hand experiences and professionalism in the real business world.
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