Ohio Lemon Law

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Ohio Lemon Law: How Can It Help You?

What Is A Lemon?

A lemon is a new motor vehicle that has a problem(s), covered by the warranty that significantly impairs the use, value or safety of that vehicle. If you have had problems with your passenger car, noncommercial motor vehicle or motorcycle during the first year or 18,000 miles, whichever occurs first, you should take it back to the manufacturer or the dealer and ask them to fix it. If they fail to correct the problem(s) after being given a reasonable opportunity to do so, you might own a lemon.

What vehicles are covered under Ohio lemon law?

The Ohio Lemon Law covers all consumer new cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, and any other new motor vehicle, and it does not matter if you purchased your vehicle or leased it.  If within the first 18,000 miles or the first year after purchase, your vehicle is in the repair shop three times for the same problem and it does not get fixed, or if you have more than eight different defects then it can be a lemon. If your new vehicle is in the repair shop for more than a total of 30 days during the first 18,000 miles of ownership or within the first year after the original sale date, then you have a lemon.  The Federal Lemon Law can help you get rid of your lemon and get your money back. However, watch out for the ways the manufacturer will try to take advantage of you. The Ohio Lemon Law does not allow the manufacturer to make any mileage deduction when they buy your vehicle back from you because it is a lemon.  If you want your lemon new car to be replaced with one that runs like it suppose to, the manufacturer is not allowed to charge you for the increase in the sticker price.

Used car lemon law coverage

In order for a vehicle to be considered a lemon in the state of Ohio, it must be either sold or leased new. Used cars do not qualify for Ohio’s Lemon Law. In addition to the auto lemon law, there are both state and federal laws that help protect...
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