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Salvage Dealer Buyer Identification Card
Any person licensed as an Ohio salvage motor vehicle dealer, andor up to two designated employees, who wish to purchase salvage motor vehicles from Ohio salvage motor vehicle auctions or pools. Persons licensed in another state as a salvage motor vehicle dealer, whose state's requirements are equivalent to those in Ohio, andor up to two designated employees may apply for Ohio salvage dealer buyer's identification card(s).

General Information & Requirements

Applicants must submit an application, and will not be permitted to purchase from Ohio salvage motor vehicle auctions or pools until licensed. Form BMV 4419 - Requirements and Instructions for completing applications for salvage dealer buyer's identification card. Form BMV 4420 - application must be completed and notarized. One 2 by 2 official passport photo.

Electronic Fingerprinting Ohio residents who are owners, all partners, president, all members, owning 10% or more, and all trustees MUST be electronically fingerprinted and have the results forwarded to the Dealer Licensing Section, P.O. Box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521. Visit the following link on Ohio Attorney General Web site (Webcheck locations) for a complete list of electronic fingerprinting locations in Ohio.

Out-of-state residents may submit a fingerprint card and processing fee, BMV 4452. Do not send the fingerprint card directly to B.C.I. & I. Acceptable fingerprint card(s) may be obtained only by contacting the Dealer Licensing Section at (614) 752-7636.

If B.C.I. & I. reports that the person has ever been arrested, for any reason, has criminal record, or is a multi-state offender, the applicant should expect significant delays. The person being fingerprinted can reduce the possibility of having the application delayed by explaining their circumstances fully and completely on a separate sheet, provide a copy of the court's journal entry showing the final disposition of your arrest andor conviction, and the charge your were convicted of, if any and submit it with the application.

NOTE Electronic Fingerprinting prices vary and payable to the company taking the print.

Buyer identification cards are non-transferable, and must be returned to the BMV if employment is terminated. If a buyer identification card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the licensee may make application for a duplicate card. The fee for a duplicate is $35.00. One passport size photograph must be submitted with each completed application for a duplicate buyer identification card. Damaged cards must be returned to the BMV. A replacement renewal sticker may be obtained by submitting a completed application and a $35.00 fee.

Application Requirements
See below for additional application requirements for specific states.

Conviction of a felony or evidence of not being of good financial repute are reasons for denial.

ORC 4738.18



Sales Tax License, Motor Vehicle Dealer, Reconditioner, Rebuilder andor Wholesaler License


Automotive Recycler License


Used motor vehicle dealer's license


Not qualified for issuance


Motor Vehicle Dealers or Repair License - Type of license Junk Dealer


Not qualified for issuance


Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer and Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License


Automotive Parts Recycler License


Not qualified for issuance


Salvage Motor Vehicle Business License -- license type--Salvage


Authorized Vehicle RecyclerVehicle Rebuilder License

Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer License


Salvage & Storage Certificate of Compliance


RestrictedAutomotive Recycling Dealer License...
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