Evaluating Trends

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Evaluating Trends and Opportunities

Naomi S. Anderson

University of Phoenix


David Rubenstein

April 11, 2011

Repossession I, Naomi Anderson am going to write about Repossession. I have been with my Fiancée for a little over three years and I now all most everything about the repossession business. What should or should not be done on the field I know very well. I, Naomi Anderson go with him to work when my children are gone. I, Naomi Anderson still get a rush when we get repossession and no problems come about; an example is if a person or the owner of the vehicle that is not making the payments on the vehicle starts problems with us. To this day when I have been with my fiancée we have never had any problems. He has told me all the bad stories that has happen to him while he was trying to repossess a vehicle, which he has, been shot at, a gun held to his face, rocks thrown at the truck, some people have tried to bribe him and lie about paying. Those are just some of the things that can happen while repossession a vehicle. I, Naomi Anderson has help my fiancée in different ways to get a car or I have drove the vehicle back to the yard and the yard is where he takes the vehicles back to after he gets them. I, Naomi Anderson all so has driven the camera truck as well to help out. The camera truck is a truck that has four cameras on the hood of the truck and a laptop computer inside next to the driver seat. The cameras take pictures of the license plates on the vehicles and it marks the address that the picture was taken at. Then if the vehicle is up for repossession a siren goes off....
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