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Office Personnel
Meaning of Office personnel:
In simple words office personnel refer to office staff. In other words the work forces of an organization who are working at higher level to the lower level are known as office personnel. Office personnel refer to the office chief, sectional chiefs and assistants who carry out all the administrative as well as clerical functions to achieve the objectives of an organization. The office personnel at different levels perform different works. Secretary, joint secretary Undersecretary, Section Officer, Nayab Subba Kharidar, Mukhiya and Peon are the examples of office personnel of the government office. Likewise, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Departmental Manager, Officer, and Assistants are the examples of the office personnel of the private office. Types of office personnel:

An office requires different types of office personnel having different qualifications, skills and knowledge to perform various activities .Some personnel work at top level, some work at middle level and others work at lower level .On the basis of position, responsibility and nature of job office personnel can be classified as follows: 1) Office Chief: The head of the office is known as office. He is the senior-most person who is responsible to decide on the objectives, plans and polices of the organization. He is the boss of the organization who sets the objectives, formulates plans and policies, manages resources, co-ordinates and controls the whole activities for achieving organizational activities. Functions of Office Chief:

a)He has to make plans and polices for the organization and implements them into action. b)He has to control whole the activities of the organization. c)He has to divide the work among the staffs working in the organization as per their qualification and experience. d)He has to maintain the discipline in the office and work. e)He has to supervise, advice and motivates the office personnel in an office. f)He directs the subordinates and coordinates their works.

g)He has to prepare budget, allocate expenses and analyze cost. h)He has to reward the good performers and punishes the poor performers. i)He has to select, recruit, train and promote staff.
j)He should try to avoid delay in office procedures through appropriate supervision and direction 2) Section Officer (Sectional Chief): The head of the section or department of the organization is known as sectional chief or departmental chief. The organization may be divided into several sections or departments on the basis of their function such as marketing section, production department, account department etc. Each department or section requires a head person for its smooth running and controlling. Thus, a head person is appointed in each department or section is known as sectional chief or officer. He/she is responsible for his/her section. Functions of Section Officer:

a)He is responsible for all the activities of his section.
b)He has to prepare plans and polices for achieving departmental objectives. c)He has to maintain discipline in his section.
d)He has to supervise the work of staff in his section.
e)He has to report the performance, problem and achievement of his section to the office chief. f)He has to divide the work among the staff working in his section. g)He has to manage the necessary things for his section.

3) Office Assistants: In simple words, the lower level employees are known as office assistants. In other words, those staffs who perform routine jobs to assist sectional chief and office chief to carry out administrative jobs are known as office assistants. They perform daily official works as per the direction of the sectional chief and office chief .Nayab Subba kharidar and Mukhiya are the office assistants in government office.Similarly, assistant accountant, receptionist , marketing assistant and...
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