Of Mice and Men

Topics: Great Depression, John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The writer uses narratorial commentary of the scene and what is happening in it. the writer also uses a third person to presents candy and show his feeling and emotions to the reader and makes the reader feel sypethic for the character. He is giving us allot of information of the character by doing this and it tells us the thought of the reader’s learnt for reading this novel that candy is a lonely and isolated character in the ranch as soon he will be useless as he is getting old as a result of this the boss will have to kick him out of the ranch as he will be useless as a consequence of this he will be left to starve in the cold and will die. Candy’s dog, is described as ancient this refers to candy as he is also old. candy’s dog was once an impressive sheep herder but now toothless, foul-smelling, and brittle with age supports Candy’s fears. As a consequence of this Carlson suggests to shot the dog as it is just suffering and useless which he eventually does. another thing is candy wanted to take part in George and lennies dream and live on the fat of the land and from my own knowledge i know most people in America were living rough so most people had the same dream to live on the fat of the land and candy thinks that George and lennie can achive this so he decides to help them as he knows he is getting old and will soon get kicked out the ranch and will be classed by other men as not useful ,also he tells them that most of the other men don’t save their money but go and spend it on booze and women. But he thinks that they can do it the dream of living out his days with George and Lennie on their dream farm distracts Candy from this harsh reality. This mean that they can have much more freedom than other people as it will be their own place . He doesn’t like curleys wife he thinks she is a tart and flirts around with men so he thinks she is trouble . The text is very judgemental about the characters and he refers to culeys wife as a tart. The text is written...
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