Of Mice and Men

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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---In John Stienbeck's Of Mice and Men, almost every character has a dream, hope, or plan. These plans, hopes, and dreams gives each character their own personality and character traits. George and Lennie's dream of one day owning their own farm makes their lives worth living and kept them going. Curley's Wife is a prime example of the disappointment that comes with the let down of a failed dream. And finally, Candy and Cooks, who's underlying problems with discrimination, both against age and nationality, reflects how they act, and how they would prefer they were treated. ---Curley's Wife ended up being a major character in the plot line. Aside from causing the major conflict, or her death, in the book, she also causes small offenses. In chapter five you can see how Curley's Wife enjoyed preforming immensely in a past life. This could be proven by her desire to join the traveling show at the age of fifteen. Although, this hope was shortly crushed as she was not allowed to join. Later on in her life she was promised by a talent scout to go to Hollywood to become an actress, although the scout never got back to her. In a result of failure after failure, she decided on the most practical movement of action and marry Curley to be well set in The Great Depression. This selfish act of marrying someone she hates caused her misery that ultimately led her to become the flirtatious, scandalous, and lonely women she is depicted as. ---I feel like Candy and Cooks are very similar, in different ways. Candy is an older man and has lost a hand. I think that this leads him to fear the loss of his job especially in The Great Depression, where jobs were hard to find. All he wants to do is to keep on working and try to get by, because he's already so close to retirement. Although I feel like this dream of his was soon shattered, by his beloved dog being laid to rest. Realizing that he has been growing old, he's very eager to jump on the idea of George and Lennie's...
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