Of Mice and Men

Topics: Style, Of Mice and Men, Diction Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: March 17, 2013
* Lenie and Curley, Lennie and Crooks, George and Lennie, and Lennie and Curley's Wife

Lennie and Curley = Lennie, being big and gentle, is juxtaposed with Curley, being small and mean and nasty, to show how these two clash because of their differences. With Curley being the mean guy in the book it makes Lennie look more innocent than he already is. For example when Curley was beating up Lennie, your anger towards Curley and your sympathy for Lennie both increased. Why?

Lennie and Crooks = Lennie and Crooks are juxtaposed to show the relationship between two outcasts on the ranch. Can you go more in detail with crooks and lennie as in describe how they are both outcasts? Lennie is an outcast because of his mental disability, while Crooks is an outcast because of his race. So they both try to fit in. basically.

Lennie and George = These two were two lonely people who treated each other like father and son. For example-George tells Lennie to hide and tells Lennie what to do for guidance like a father would to his child. another would be found in the beggining when he tells Lennie that he shouldnt be drinking that pool water, he is looking out for Lennie. Syntax Syntax = Lennie speaks in simple, small-worded sentences to show his intelligence is limited. For instance, Lennie says, "Where we goin',George?" This shows he is like a little kid learning and asking his father to learn more.

Um....well Lennie's word choice reflects on his mental ability. No its more of the authors choice, hmmm imagery falls under diction. Parallelism
Candy's dog being killed is parallel to Lennie getting killed by George. How would you explain that?
These two events symbolize two events of newly caused loneliness. OK, these two symbolize owners having to leave their companions and become lonely.

American Dream
In this book we read about many people chasing after certain goals, but mostly we learn about Lennie and his aspirations, Lennie is not...
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