Od in Hoosiers

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Hoosiers, Basketball Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: October 26, 2010
OD in the movie Hoosiers

Organizational Change
Professor R. Conejo
October 19, 2010
OD in the movie Hoosiers
The movie Hoosiers was a great story that dealt with many of the topics covered in our readings for the week. The story is about a small-town Indiana basketball team that overcomes many challenges to win the state championship. The main character of the movie is Norman Dale, a passionate basketball coach that faces many obstacles in his attempt to teach his players about the benefits of working together as a team. The movie dealt with many team oriented topics such as team development, interdependence, group cohesiveness, intergroup problems, and confrontation.

The movie begins with Dale making his way to the small town where he receives a very apprehensive welcome from a school staff member, the townspeople, and the basketball team. The small town and its people are very set in their ways and are reluctant to change. Coach Dale stirs things up by altering the way things are done with the team by using his version of team development. He makes his players practice without a ball and tries to teach them the importance of communication, setting goals, and the functioning of the group as one. His methods are met with criticism from both the players who are not accustomed to change, and the townspeople that held regular meeting to discuss the coach’s approach to the team.

One of Coach Dale’s biggest lessons to his team involves interdependence. According to Brown (2011), “interdependence refers to situations where one person’s performance is contingent upon how someone else performs” (pg. 262). Dale stressed the importance of each and every player on the team working together as one, and that no one player was above the team. His philosophy of group cohesiveness and working towards a common goal were important to the success of the team. The coach also had to deal with intergroup conflict between the team and the townspeople....
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