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Topics: Problem solving, Question, Resolution Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: December 1, 2012
July 1, 2012
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Book reflection: “Resolving conflicts at work”
Reading some of “The ten strategies for everyone on the job”, one that I found very important was, “Why people engage in difficult behavior”, is because, sometimes we judge people by their difficult behavior, and we do not take the time to ask “Why” they behave that way. For us could seems (senseless) or irrational to us, we ought to find out why they behave that way. Every time we ask an honest, emphatic question “Why”, we ask may lead to a more accurate description of the reasons they chose to engage in difficult behaviors. Every accurate description of those behaviors can help us to develop a strategy for stopping or discouraging them. One story in the reading is about a group of employees learned this lesson when they asked the question “Why” one person refused to go along with the consensus and adamantly refuse to accept the design favored by the rest of the group. Her” difficult behavior” created considerable conflict and criticism, but she held firm, seeming to enjoy the conflict and smiling as she stood her ground. By asking “Why” and other open-ended questions, they discovered that her real issue had nothing to do with her design of the coordinating committee, but concerned her work team where she had been unsuccessful in raising or solving the problem. Another important point that I read was, that sometimes family or co-workers engage in difficult behavior because they have family problems at home. One example, I recall when I was supervising this person with a difficult behavior, I found out she was having personal problems, I never asked the question “why”. Perhaps if I would have the knowledge of this book “Resolving conflicts at work”, it could be easier for me to work with this person. What the author want us to believe is to understand better, why people behave that way, never to blame them for their difficult personally....
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