Observation: Behavior of Supermarket Customers

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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In our research we have to observe the behavior of supermarket customers. We are going to do this using a qualitative method such as unstructured participant observation. We will also engage in a supermarket observation regarding the structure of the shelves and how they are positioned.

We are doing this kind of observation to create an image of customer buying behavior. We, as the observers, will analyze and record this behavior.

We are going to conduct this observation inside a supermarket.

The main time when we are conducting our observation will be during peak hours in the supermarket. We believe peak hours start from 5 and end at 7pm. Each member will be conducting this observation in one supermarket during this period. Total observation time will be 1 week including one weekend.

A potential customer will be of age 18 and over, both males and females, of family size 3-4 and more and with an income of over $20000. Be part of the working class and middle class and from generation X. Our target group will be supermarket customers consisting of males and females of ages 18-65.

We, as the observers, will position ourselves near the shelves of pancake related products. We will focus our observation on what they do rather than what they say. For example, how long their decision time is for a particular product, if they take A-products or choose for B-products or the supermarket owned brand. We will be observing how much of a product is bought and for how much, as well as which brand customers show more interest in. We are going to observe if these kinds of products are offered to subjects through normal aisles or in promotional stands.

We will conduct our observations in a quiet and professional way avoiding observation bias. We won’t interfere with our subjects.
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