Observation on Consumer Behaviour in Walmart

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Time Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: March 16, 2008
Place: Wal-Mart
Time: 14:00-15:00 April 3rd
Object: A couple around 60 years old
The reason why I choose them:
I guess that during the shopping time there must be a lot of conversation between them. So it might be much easier for me to catch what they were thinking at that time, and the possibility that I was found to be tracking them is less. Observation record and my conclusions:

1.shopping purpose and personal interests
On the first floor of Wal-Mart, food except for sock, flavoring, rice etc is the main product. This couple spent most of the hour in this area. The lady is much interested in the uncooked food, while the man likes bread, snack, and biscuits. They only spent about 10minutes on the second floor in front of a container of toothpaste. It seems that they enjoyed the shopping experience a lot since they just went around and had a look on each product. At the shelf of semi manufactured dish, they were discussing how to cook them and made comments on the feature of every dish, which showed that they may share the housework. They also mentioned if they had something already. At last they bought one bag of bread, 4bag of dumplings, 2 pieces of baked sausages, 2 bottles of toothpaste, 2 cabbages and some Chinese traditional snake.

2.High sensitiveness to price and being rational
This couple always stayed a long period of time at the shelves and containers on which goods on sale were sold. And the label indicating that something is at a discount would catch their attention. Especially they paid attention to the containers in the center of the hallway rather than the shelves in the both sides of the hallway. When they stayed, holding the goods and talking, the conversation always covered the price. They compared the price of the same product in different shopping malls or in the same mall but in different period of time. They seldom compared the similar goods of different brands, but always concentrated on one piece of goods once. Even the...
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