Obesity and Weightloss

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 8 (2915 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Obesity and weight loss are like the faces of the same coin. Obesity is a serious epidemic; at the same time losing weight in a healthy way is a serious confusion that people are going through in the USA. It is a huge problem and struggle I myself am going through; one of the reasons I picked this research topic. Other reason for picking this topic is the Physiology and Anatomy class I took. This class gave me a lot of information on the problems of obesity and weight loss; it acted as a catalyst to do more research on this topic. This research paper attempts to analyze the particular problems that arise from obesity and weight loss; particularly how they affect a person both physically and mentally.

Obesity is a fast growing health issue and is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths. Though there are hundreds of diet books, diet drugs, reduced-calorie and reduced-fat foods available in the market, the obesity epidemic is growing faster then ever and even with professional help from weight-loss experts the growth of obesity problem doesn’t seem to cease. Today more than half of the adult population is overweight or obese in the United States. Many of the diseases or health issues a person suffers can be hidden from the world and treatment can be sought without anybody knowing. Obesity is a disease, which cannot be hidden from the world, as obese people are bigger than average human being. “Obesity results from an imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure, culminating in excessive accumulation of fat in adipose tissue, liver, muscle, pancreatic islets, and other organs involved in metabolism” (Ahima 1). The picture below depicts how changes in weight occur. The weight changes in the body work with a process of energy input and energy out put. The energy input being the food we eat and energy out put being the calories we burn. The changes in the balance of these two properties results either in weight gain or weight loss. When there is an increase in energy input and decrease in energy output; the result is weight gain and when the energy input decrease and energy output increase weight loss occurs. The other factors that affect this process are drugs and surgery, which disturbs the regular metabolism of the body. Though it is simple concept; it is challenging for people to figure out a way to obtain the required result for their body.

Picture taken from Dr.Brown lecture PPT The major cause of obesity is the lifestyle that people lead in today’s fast world. The environment and the genetic factors also play an important role in increasing the number of obese people. During an earlier days people had to hunt or manually work to grow crops for food; they used to spend a lot of energy hunting and doing agriculture. The ever-fast growing technology and the fast pace of life are making people more and more sedentary. The environmental factor adds to the already existing sedentary lifestyle, for example now a days stress levels have increased, which leads to overeating. There is a drastic decrease in the physical activity of people, working on desk for long hours, watching TV, playing video games or driving have become a typical daily routine. As much as there is increase in the sedentary life style; the availability of food is increased. Technology has increased the production of food and globalization has increased the number of food choices. A very high increase in number of restaurants and fast-food joints has made even more easy and convenient for over eating. The decrease in physical activity and increase in sedentary life style is leading to a constant weight gain. The picture below represents the changes in the lifestyle that has occurred in the name of convenience leading to a decrease in physical activity. The ‘calories burned’...
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