Oahu Rail System

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Oahu Rail System
Oahu, also known as the ‘gathering place’, has a considerable number of people. In addition, it is one of the most developed islands in the United States. Its state capital (The Honolulu City) is found on the southern parts of the state. This paper contains a personal view supporting the building of the Oahu Rail System. It also includes the financial aspects of building the prospected rail system, development of other related businesses in the area, traffic issues, and other credible benefits. Concurrently, it also elaborates on how having a rail system could be beneficial to the island. Evidently, Oahu has had serious problems of traffic jam. For that reason, building the Oahu Rail System would provide a viable solution to his problem. This is a crucial provision when considered critically. The geographical setup of Oahu supports light rail. Unlike many cities with sprawling and round shapes, Oahu is linear. These characteristics make rail transport more reliable. However, before its completion, its success cannot be fully anticipated. This is because the construction has not only been criticized but has also been Acs 2

politicized (Schwieterman 89). However, this is a rapid system of transport and will definitely satisfy people’s transportation needs. Besides, it will also assist in obtaining more federal funds. Financially, the scarce federal developmental funds are also needed by other cities; however, Honolulu has an advantage over them. Definitely, it has been given the first priority. From federal funding, the project has got 120 million dollars. This indicates the financial implications of Oahu Rail System. Conversely, the United States presidential budget has put aside an additional 250 million dollars for this rail transport project. Just like electricity and other viable resources, transportation systems including rail will always be beneficial to the current and future generations. The railway system...
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