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Honolulu Rail: not prosperity for our future.
The oppnents against the Honolulu rail project object their observations to the Honolulu city in council member of transportation by using letters,public speeches, and interviews. Anti-rail citizen of Hawaii believes the cost of rail will be a burned to our nation. The articles and public speeches announce by the citizens of Hawaii that the rail will not decrease traffic congestion, taxes will increase, and the project will affect small businesses as well as culture displays. Opponents against the rail project say the best obsevation is to improve the bus system verses constructing a transit system. The ariticles and speeches of voters convience the city in council members of traspertaion to improve bus lines. Bus Lines will satisfy the citizens of oahu. Therefore constructing newer bus lines will be less expensive to build for our city. The beliefs of anit-rail voters also believe the bus lines will not affect culure displasys, and won't drive away small busineses.Discussion on the debates about the Honolulu rail project still concerns citizens today. Will Hawaii suffer the consequences from building rail, or will rail improve Hawaii's future? The article from Civil Beat newspaper interviews a private resident from Oahu. A fare skinned woman in her seveties express her beliefs about building a transit system for Honolulu. The womans observation appears to be a strong motive for citizens who are against rail. Melani Kealoha express her belief in the interview. Rail will not eliminate traffic congestion. At least half present of hawaii residents will not use rail, except for tourist. What good would it be if rail travels from Kapolei to town? I am a resident from the north shore area and I work in town. Where does that leave us? The residents from my area will still have to transfer by buses or by their own vehicles to get onto the transit on time. (qted. Jenny Nishigawa B1-B2) Majority of the citizens of Hawaii who are against the rail project believes that the project will increase tax rate which will affect small businesses. The public speakers who objects this observation to the public against the transit made a statement about Bill 79. BIll 79 is a bill for an ordinance. The Bill is relating to the Executive capital budget, and program for the fiscal years of July 1 2005 to Jun 30, 2006. Amendment NO. 1 (City conuncil and county of Honolulu, Hawaii) Articles of Honolulu former mayor Mufi Hanuman signs the Bill. Hamuman who is dilgently responsible for the rail projent signs the bill with Mont Blanc fountain pen to lauch a new transit project for Honolulu. A reporter says Hahnemann signs more than a dozen of coppies of the bill at the gathering of Kapolei Hale. The members included the city council members of the legislation, and members of several local neighborhood boards who supports Hahaemanns drive for a mass transit. . The quoats of former Mayor Mufi Hahnemann expresses his oppinion to the committee that "It will eluded the people of Honolulu and our lawmakers for 40 Years that we are now on the cusp of a system that is going to dramatically improve our quality of life". (qtd. Rebecca Breyer 2-3) Using a sorce on the internet brocast public speakers persuades chairman comittee to warn people of hawaii that the state legistrator wants to increase taxes on small businesses; by having a 1% which is 25% of excise tax.("You Tube") People with small businesses will not survive once rail is built.(Andrew Merits) An article inspires some residents on Oahu ("Transit rout tax-break bill puts cart berfore the houre"). Honolulu residents are concern the path of transit passing throught older neighborhoods, which requires housing that will be removed. Land markers are apparently worried that elderly and low income residents would be fored out. A devotion letter sent to council members of honolulu to represent the small business from a sand island business assocation....
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