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Topics: Millennium Development Goals, Maternal health, United Nations Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Adekunle, Abdulkareem AdetunjiOG/12A/353707038488068, 08027247490 Kareem, Oladipupo MujeebOG/12A/069508037146889, 08079644220
October 2012

We are NYSC 2012 Batch “A” Corp members with the aim of achieving the MDGs for the nation, by beginning charity from home. The MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) are a set of eight international developmental goals aimed at achieving improvement in the social and economic conditions of the world’s poorest countries (please check Wikipedia for more details). We will be impacting positively on the lives of over 2800 people, through the following avenues: 1. Education: Math Quiz Competition among 10 schools in the Local Government, and provision of furniture, equipment and educational resources for the Community School 2. Health: Provision of furniture and relief materials to the Community Clinic. 3. Society: Organizing series of seminars and activities in line with contributing our quota to national development and imparting positive thinking in people.

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We know you want to be a part of this lofty step towards a great achievement so turn to the next page to see how you may come in.

Towards “Achieving universal primary education,” the 2nd of the MDGs.

This program is being designed to challenge the young geniuses in achieving academic excellence and then imparting their knowledge on a younger generation thus preparing them to achieve more in later times. Methodology

The junior math competition will be in two stages:
First-stage: Math competition consisting three rounds: 1, 2 and 3; Second-stage: The search for the MDG Scholars (i.e those who can impart knowledge)

Our area of primary focus for starters is going to be Ojodu Local Government Area and the proposed venue is Amec College, 7/9 Jide Sekoni, Ojodu. Dates for the Programs
First-stage: The quiz competition...
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