Nvq 3 Unit 6

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Unit 6
1.1 A working relationship differs from a personal one in many ways. In a working relationship we are accountable for what we do and must follow procedures and rules set out by the authority and employer. We must not allow our own opinions to cloud our judgement. 1.2 The different working relationships in health and social care settings are; care of the resident, professional with other workers, managers and rco’s, friends and family members and other professionals like doctors, nurses, social workers, solicitors. 2.1 It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role because it is an outline of how the job should be done following the policies and procedures of the employer and often is the law. It will ensure that person centred care is achieved as it will relate to day to day running of the establishment. 2.2 It is important to read and know the contents of your contract. We should know all of the duties that we are required to do and not do anything that we are not trained to do this could cause harm to me or the resident. For example if I hadn’t done my moving and handling training I shouldn’t be expected to use a hoist as this could cause me injury as well as the resident. 2.3 To implement agreed ways of working we need to keep up to date with the policies and procedures of the home making sure they are current and to read and understand our own job description. 3.1 It is important to work in partnership with others to ensure the best possible outcome of care to whom you are caring for. We must work as a team with other staff, management and other professionals for continuality of care. 3.2 Ways of working that help improve partnership working are to be an effective communicator to update records regularly and work as a team. 3.3 Skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts are remaining calm, controlling emotions and behaviour, avoiding threatening others and have the ability to...
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