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Austria, Melody D.
Copon, Carmela Marie L.
Edrelon, Elaine Faith C.
Gertos, Leah Monique J.
Mina, Audrey Joyce D.

2nd Semester SY 2012-2013

I. Executive Summary

Today's consumer has less time to create wholesome, handmade bread, but increasingly appreciates the nutritional and sensory benefits it provides. Good bread provides fiber and carbohydrates in a convenient, low fat form that is portable and delicious. Good bread never goes out of style.

Abeilles Company operates as a bread manufacturing company. Products will initially be sold wholesale to food retailers for resale to consumers meaning we are Business to Business. Loaf Bread is just traditionally plain, that’s why Abeilles Company decided to offer in the market the Loaf Bread with different flavours like banana and mango.

Our mission is to provide a consistently high quality and good tasting bread and to keep our costumers loyal with a healthy living. And our goal is to produce a healthy.

i. Company Description

Abeilles Company is a business to business sale and operates as bread manufacturing company. Loaf Bread is just traditionally plain, that’s why Abeilles Company decided to offer in the market the Loaf Bread with different flavours like banana & mango. The Company selling supplies to supermarkets, groceries, convenience and variety stores. Specifically, Savemore, Puregold, Ministop, 7’11, School Canteens and even Sari-sari stores. The group decided to call themselves ABEILLES because Abeilles came from the French word “BEE” that was the friend group name.

The firm’s objectives include first, encouraging customers to patronize Filipino products. We would like to prioritize Filipino made products. Second, persuading non-users to become users of this product. Third, building a profitable business through establishing long term-relationship. And last, providing customers products with quality and better benefits.

As of now, we have conducted a feasibility studies in order to predict whatever risks and future uncertainties that our business may encounter. We are submitting this proposal to our Development Entrepreneurship Professor, Sir. Dante Quines for him to validate our study.

Our Company caters products that provide innovation. We continue to provide value for the money of our customers by offering them products with excellent qualities. We don’t just offer them products; we see to it that it can make their lives healthier than ever.

The nature of our business relies on the food industry specifically the Pastry industry. Our company aims to provide pastry products that will delight customers

through our improved benefits. Our Company decided to offer an innovative product, combining the very own tasty and the power of Banana/Mango and we called it the “Nutriloaf bread”.


This Logo symbolizes our company and our product. We chose the different colors in our name of product because we purchase two main flavors, Banana and Mango and to create different fruits flavors someday. As well as giving our costumers a colorful day. [pic]

Company Name: Abeilles Company

Product Name: NutriLoaf Bread


The mission of the Company is to provide a healthy food product that is delicious, nutritious, and affordable, served quickly. We ensure that our product will last long without using artificial preservatives. To build healthy society by providing nutritious food


We envision our company to have product that will be the number one priority of all consumers by utilizing healthy but tasteful ingredients. Abeilles Company sees itself to be one of the succeeding food companies that provide unique foods which are properly conceptualized and good in quality that will...
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