Nuclear Energy Research

Topics: Nuclear power, Greenpeace, Coal Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: December 13, 2012
This article seems to be very credible in comparison with most articles, because it is a scholarly article. The fact that this article was published in an academic journal or magazine also supplements its trustworthiness. This article could also be considered credible solely on the basis of the author’s connection to or affiliation with a university, or more specifically George Mason University. The author of this article is Allison MacFarlane. She is an associate professor at George Mason University who has earned a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in geology. She specializes and has research focus in the area of Environmental Policy and Environmental Security. The article was written in Feb. of 2010 so it is quite current and relevant. I found this article through the J. Sergeant Reynolds Library in the Academic Search Complete database under scholarly articles. The article explains how there is renewed interest in Nuclear Energy as an energy source that could solve the issue of electricity without carbon emissions. The article then explains how nuclear energy performs, its safety issues and waste management strategies. The article also mentions negative aspects of Nuclear Energy including the problems in nuclear power development including costs of nuclear reactor construction and security concerns. I will likely use this article in my research paper in more than one place as evidence, and I could use it to concede some of the opponents points. Some parts of this article support my thesis while other parts may complicate or argue against my thesis. I may quote this article, if the quote fits in with the organization, flow tone of my paper. Many modern environmentalists believe that nuclear power may be the way to go at least for now in terms of power without the release of carbon (a green house gas) into the atmosphere. Allison MacFarlane an associate professor at George Mason University wrote “Environmentalists such as Stewart Brand, originator...
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