The Search Beneath the Google Search

Topics: Academic journal, The Reader, Google Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The search beneath the Google Search

Researching is a skill most people have but in all reality are the sources that we’re finding that reliable and helpful? After completing the extensive research for this paper I learned skills that will be beneficial in the future. Personally, I was one of those students who turned to Google for everything. Considering Google has numerous articles, it can save time and come in handy, but going above and beyond Google is something that is necessary for college based studies. Individual articles have numerous differences and researchers need to take time analyzing them to see if they are accurate. In this paper I will describe the articles I found; an academic journal, a trade journal, and lastly a popular publication in which I found a magazine article. For each article I will specifically describe titles, introductory methods, thesis, presentation of arguments, methods of conclusion, and citations.

Finding the journals brought a few challenges. Considering my major is hospitality and in the future I plan to be an event planning, I chose to narrow my search down specifically to journals relating to event planners planning weddings. Planning a wedding isn’t a rarity so I figured there would be hundreds of different types of articles throughout the internet; that wasn’t the case. With much search and narrowing down, I feel I ended up finding three good articles that are filled with acceptable information.

The first thing looked at most times in an article is the title. Titles are so important because if a title can’t come off interesting to a researcher then they probably won’t take time to even read the article. Academic journals are article containing highly specific knowledge and something more plain and to the point. Academic journals are not considered someone’s favorite article of choice considering their highly ingenious content and often time’s length. Jobs in Weddings and Funerals: Working with the betrothed...
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