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Santos, Gabriel F.

1.  What are your learnings on the module that you read?  Enumerate and explain as you understood it. --> Mapua supervises the implementation of Civic Welfare Training Service [CWTS] and Reserved Officer Training Corps. As of 2001-2002, Mapua was under a semestral system and by that year, they initiated the NSTP so that students have options to choose between CWTS and ROTC. They developed a textbook for NSTP which tackles about concepts and principles regarding service, Human persons, community service, Nationalism and being an environmental friendly individuals. When school year 2003-2004 has been arrived, the MAPUA-CWTS introduced community organizing and project development to the students and started community based projects. in succeeding academic years, MAPUA-CWTS underwent a curriculum innovations. As their visions, The MAPUA-CWTS shall be a center of excellence in values education through the promotion of civic consciousness, civic responsibilities and holistic developments of individuals to become members of society. CWTS administration has rules and regulations to their students. they are the following: * students are required to attend their classes on time. * Students who have more than 20% of absences or equivalent to more than two absent will automatically get a grade of five (5.00) * 15 minutes late is considered as tardy and three tardiness is equivalent to one absent. * As the students failed to meet the facilitator during activities, they will not be allowed to follow the said area. The EHSDS and LSDS and SCSDS are components of SDS which can be offered to the community. The MAPUA ROTC

- This program implements the arms of the ROTC program. The history began when MIT-CMT unit was activated on july 1940.before world war II broke out, there were 33 colleges and universities throughout the country that maintained the ROTC units. The...
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