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MODULE: MKTM026 International Marketing Communications 2013

Module Code| Level| Credit Value| Leader|
MKTM026| M| 20| Dr Kathleen|

Resit Assignment Brief

Date setw/c 11/02/2013

Hand-in date28th March 2013


International Marketing Communications Plan


This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the issues of international marketing communications from the perspective of a real organisation facing the difficulties presented by an increasingly competitive environment and changing customer needs.

Learning outcomes

This assignment covers the learning outcomes for the modules as documented in the module guide and definitive document

Hand-in procedure

Please follow University policy regarding the handing in of assignments. Mode of working

This is an individual assignment and University policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained an unfair advantage.


You are required to do one of the following:Choose a brand from your home country and undertake the first part of a Marketing Communications Plan to launch the brand here in the UK.ORChoose a brand from the UK and undertake the first part of a Marketing Communications Plan to launch it in your home country. In order to do this you need to undertake a Context Analysis of the market sector, using the Fill framework which consists of the following sections: Customer contextBusiness contextInternal contextExternal contextFrom this Context Analysis you need to identify the main issues that the marketing communications campaign could address. |

| |
| |
Format for the submitted work

The work will be submitted in report format and should be no longer than 2500 words. Supporting appendices will not be included in the word count but only those appendices indicated in the assignment brief will be accepted. Please indicate your final word count for the report at the end of the assignment.

Assessment criteria

In order to gain a good pass for this assignment at this level students are expected to pay attention to the following: Structure and clarity of expression
The fundamental features of well-structured work are expected as the norm at this level. There will be proper attention to the type and style of the assignment and the work should remain clearly focused, follow a logical sequence and clear sense of direction even though multiple complex issues are addressed and be produced to a high professional standard.

Content and understanding
Extensive knowledge and detailed understanding is expected, but it is how this knowledge is used in analysis which is equally, if not more important. Capable students will demonstrate an authoritative awareness of relevant issues facing the organisation and their significance for contributing to an informed, critical review of the communications context of the organisation and its consequences for the proposed plan. Analysis/Evaluation

Students should demonstrate an ability to identify and critically evaluate the key issues which are most relevant to the successful development of a new integrated marketing communications plan for the organisation. The ability to appraise and evaluate the current market situation and the suitability of prospective strategies to fit those conditioning factors and the range of stakeholders involved using appropriate concepts, theories or frameworks is expected and students should be able to demonstrate the contribution of disciplinary methodologies to providing a viable solution to the problems posed by the case. Reading/Research and Referencing

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