Reflective Report

Topics: International trade, Globalization, European Union Pages: 5 (1513 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Course - Masters in Cloud Computing
Module Title - International Management
Module Code - BM 6914 (Full Time)
Lecturer’s name -Dr. P.J Paul
Assignment Title - Create an Individual Reflective Report Word Count -1512 words
Student Name - Ravinder Pal Singh Sodhi
Student Number - 1799195
Date of submission - Friday, 19th April.

The individual reflective report reflects our team work, Project making and roles that were played by me and the team members. The individual reflective report addresses the following issues that I am going to outline. It contain the following

1. Reflections on the report topic analyzed by the group. 2. Reflections on all the content covered throughout the module (including reading around the module materials). 3. Reflections on the group-work engaged in by the team members. 4. Individual’s reflections of learning during the module.

1. Reflections on the report topic analyzed by the group.
I and my group members chose the topic that was given by our lecture was “The trade and business relationship between the EU and a country of your choice”. It was not an easy task for us to choose because one of our group members was from Nigerian community. So we decided to ask him to what was his concern regarding the topic. He told us that he is keen interest to search what are the trade aspects are going between India and Europe, What were the rules and regulationsetc. So we all are happy that we had same motto to the topic. Rest of the three members of team is Indians so it’s not difficult task for us. So the country we all decided is India. But there is another problem because rests of the groups are taking the same topic. So we all discussed and decided in which fields the trade was going between the two sides. The trade sectors we took are Food, Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. These are the vast sectors and biotechnology is the latest one. So we all told our lecturer that we are going to discuss the trade relation between India and Europe with respect to Food, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. We analyzed that trade of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals products having certain controversies regarding rules and policies followed by the two sides. And the recent India–EU summit was expected to bring news about the upcoming Free Trade Agreement between the EU and India; however, a dispute regarding the supply of generic drugs from India to developing countries has taken center stage.

2. Reflections on all the content covered throughout the module. The module reflects to introduce the major issues relating to the managing business in an International Environment. The following topics are discussed in the module are as follows

* The nature of International Management.
* International business and Globalization.
* The European Union.
* Global Environmental Analysis.
* International Trade and Strategy.
* International cultural differences and HRM.
* International Innovation and Change.

The important content in the module are dealing with international theory, international trade, global economy and recession issues. I had the ease of accessing the class materials online through Moodle. The lecture was highlighting the cultural and managerial differences among different business in different regions. I begin my course with the Introduction and nature of International Management. Our lecturerDr.P.J Paul is a very experienced and talented lecturer, he knows and understood that there are students from different countries and from different graduation fields and it would be difficult to start lecture from master’s view. So he started his lecture by giving the basic information about what is International Management and how it influences people in different geographies. Then we studied about European Union, international trade, business and...
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