Novotel Back Ground

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Novotel Hotel

Background Novotel

Novotel is one of a number of hotel chains owned by the French hotel group Accor. Novotel hotels are found throughout the world. Novotel has taken comprehensive steps to prove its commitment to the environment. In July 2007 it signed a partnership agreement with EC3 Global, to provide Green Globe certification.

Novotel: the brand that respects the environment. Since its creation 40 years ago, the chain has evolved, anticipated its clients' expectations, and introduced innovations regarding well-being, comfort and sustainable development.

Concern for the environment is part of Novotel's DNA. The brand is pursuing its long-range commitment within the framework of the Accor Group's Earth Guest program. It is focusing on three areas of endeavor: establishing construction standards, ensuring that staff and employees practice sustainable development on a daily basis, and getting hotels guests to feel concerned and involved.

To affirm its operational commitment, Novotel signed a partnership agreement in July 2007 with Green Globe, the international environmental certification program for responsible travel and tourism.

Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

The Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square is a 4 star hotel in the vibrant centre of Bangkok. With 429 well appointed rooms, this is the perfect destination for both business trips and holidays.

Market Share
Guests can relax by pool, in one of our 5 bars, or be tempted by the delicious choices available in our 3 restaurants, while our conference facilities are perfect for meetings and functions. Close to transport, entertainment and shopping, the hotel is ideally located [pic]

What is Your Hotel’s Market Share  
and Market Penetration?
First there was Occupancy Percentage (Total Rooms Occupied divided by Total Rooms Available for Rent) and Average Daily Rate (Total Rooms Revenue divided by Total Rooms Occupied) as the hotel’s base measurements of success.  Then along came RevPar (Total Rooms Revenue divided by Total Rooms Available for Rent). Now that we have grasped the importance of this measurement, we have Market Share and Market Penetration also as a tool to gauge our hotel’s Marketing success.  What is Market Share? 

Market Share is the number of rooms in our hotel as a percentage of the rooms in our hotel’s competitive market set. Market Set is the total number of rooms we are in direct competition with, within our area’s market and/or segment.  Assume: We are a full-service, 200-room Holiday Inn. Our Market Set is other full-service hotels that we are in direct competition with–i.e., Ramada Inn, Hilton Inn, etc. Not included in the market set would be high-end–Hyatt and Marriott–or the lower end of the market segment of limited-service, such as Super 8 or Motel 6.  A survey of the area reveals the total rooms of our competitive Market Set are 1,000.  Our Holiday Inn (200 rooms) divided by Total Market Set (1,000) equals our Market Share of 20%.  As upper mid-priced, full-service hotels are added or leave our Market Set, or our room count is adjusted, our Market Share percentage will change. The larger the Market Share percentage, the bigger player we are in the market. What is Market Penetration? 

Market Penetration is the percentage of demand for rooms actually accruing to our Holiday Inn. It is calculated as the ratio between the Total Rooms Occupied in our hotel against the Total Rooms Occupied collectively attributed to our hotel’s Market Set. 

|1.  Research of our competitive Market Set of |Step One:  | |1,000 rooms revealed an average aggregate Market|Total Market Set of rooms = 1,000  | |Occupancy of 70%.  |Market Occupancy = 70%  | | |365 days = Total Rooms Occupied  | |...
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