Case 25

Topics: Economics, Inflation, Hotel Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 19, 2012
1. According to the text, there are several stand-out economic characteristics of the macro-environment of the U.S. hotel lodging industry. The general economic characteristics of the macro-environment would include such items as rate of economic growth, unemployment rates, inflation rates, and interest rates. Those that stand-out for the U.S. hotel lodging industry include headline unemployment, mostly due to declining business and conference travel. There was relatively unchanged real GDP, and due to the housing crisis and recession in our economy, rampant foreclosures.

2. The Good Hotel brand, I feel, did well in its strategy implementation efforts. They went to a strategy designed to inspire “good in us all”. One that was good for the plant and socially conscious with a “lighthearted twist”. Going “green” is definitely part of their strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the green movement and to continue growth. Those that are heavily interested in the green movement feel connected to Good Hotel’s overall plan for the environment.

3. Part of the key strategy implementation effort is by Pam Janusz. She has gotten to know staff, guests and those from the neighborhood. Training is ongoing for management to increase their standards of offering service and pushing guest loyalty. The hotel has also started recycling programs and using energy efficient lighting. Yes, I feel management has allocated sufficient resources to the strategy execution by how well the company has been doing recently. The strong leadership by Janusz has propelled them forward; she is heavily involved in all aspects of this hotel. Also, due to the leadership, all employees seem to be on board with the hotel’s vision, strategy implementation, and have a high satisfaction rate. These everyday written and unwritten policies and procedures go a long way in executing a strategy.

4. According to Janusz, the financial results are right on target with beating their...
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