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Topics: Eating, Restaurant, Philippines Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Educational Tour
(Tabon Cave )

Submitted By:
Abdullah Jia L.
Mendoza Natazha V.
Buncag Jefferson F.
Sumaydeng Isser G.
Magbanua Anthony B.
BSHM 3-2

Submitted To:
Dr. Hanlie A. Taha

When Dr. Hanlie Taha was very busy before the week of our Tour in Tabon Cave he assigned me to be responsible in our tour. He instructed me if what Im going to do with the requirements to make our tour possible with the help of my classmate Jefferson Buncag we are able to comply with the requirements for our Educational Tour. When the tour is fast approaching we are all excited and busy preparing for our beddings and food to eat. When the day comes we arrived in Palawan State University gate at 3:30 in the morning. When we are waiting for the van we enjoy eating breakfast in the waiting shed we take pictures. We depart at 5:00 in the morning, while travelling we are all happy and excited to arrive in Palawan State University Quezon Campus.

After we got there we eat our breakfast before we proceed in the Museum for briefing and lecture after that we settled the pump boat and our food for lunch. When all are settled we proceed to the Tabon Cave and we started to go upstairs to see how beautiful the cave is. While we are exploring we are able to know the history of the Tabon Cave. It takes 2 hours when we go inside the Cave. After we walked for 1050 steps we got all tired, hungry and thirsty, we burned a lot of fats while eating our lunch we are all busy sharing our experienced after we entered the cave. After we eat we take a rest for a moment and we enjoy swimming and taking pictures underwater.

When we depart from Tabon Cave to port the sea was very wavy and I got scared but others are happy and they enjoy while we are in the boat. When we arrive at the port the van are waiting for us and they take us in the Palawan State University Quezon Campus. The bad...
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