Hospital Research and Patient Satisfaction

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First of all I wish to thank the great Gods for their blessing.
I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. O. Francis for guiding and helping me in writing dissertation. I would also like to thank all of the faculties at my college who have taught me even for a single day. The knowledge and guidance I have gain from my tutors is indeed priceless.

I would also like to record my sincere gratitude to my Father who helped and guided me, whenever I needed. Without his guidance and constant help this work would not have been possible. I should also thank my friends who were also there when I needed their help and support.

I wish to thank Dr. J. Jivani and Dr. D. Shukla for their great support in selecting this topic and helping me collecting data and carrying out the survey, without their constant support and encouragement I may not have been motivated enough to undertake this study. ABSTRACT

We can say that the patient satisfaction can be broaden to the scope of General Health care needs. Appraising the length of patient satisfactions' is that, which classifieds the relevant of health care services clinically, as satisfied the patient more likely to comply to treatment and can take an interactive involvement in their own care. Patient satisfaction has become the buzz word for the community that has involved itself with health care services.

There are many surveys available which are carried out on the term to find the level of patient satisfaction and the characteristics that affects their decisions. This study was conducted at a tertiary care service hospital in Bhavnagar to find out patient satisfaction level and to analyse whether patients' characteristics like: Age, Sex, Severity of their illness, their stay in the hospital and Few other had any significant association with the level of satisfaction.

A pilot study was conducted to find some results based on satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the patients of a major hospital. To find the satisfaction level among the patients a detailed questionnaire was prepared which includes different types of patients coming from all type of social and economic status.

The results of the study indicated that majority of the patients were satisfied with the overall care they received by the hospital, if we care to look at what they were mainly dissatisfied we can include, process of admission, food service and cleanliness of bathrooms and toilets. Majority of satisfaction was noted in cleanliness of wards, behaviour of doctors, behaviour of nurses and even investigation performed.

This Study mainly showed that the dissatisfaction was mostly an attributable to the care aspect only. The cure aspect of hospitalization showed high degree of satisfaction. The care...
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