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February 15 2012, is the day of our fieldtrip in surveying. The purpose of our fieldtrip is First to have knowledge that we may gather in fieldtrip, second is to experience marine and hydrographic surveying by using GPS and last is to familiarize ourselves using GPS (Global Positioning System) in surveying. The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses an array of satellites that send out their location information on radio signals and the end user uses a receiver to receive the signal, process it and arrive in conclusion with the location of the receiver.

The assembly time of our fieldtrip is at 5:00 am in Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City and arrival time at 6:00 am, so I arrived at school at 4:45 am. I was very excited at that time before the day of our fieldtrip, for me it is a new experience in my college life and unforgettable moment also. I thought that there’s no fieldtrip will happen during my college life but it’s not.

The first activity that we do in our fieldtrip is that plotting every point that we passed from TIPQC to Cavite by using GPS. It is very fun when plotting a point using GPS it is very convenient because GPS will easily track the location of the point and also its elevation by simply click the right button to gather the data needed. I observed in this part that GPS is very useful in surveying when it comes to tracking location and gathering data needed but it will also cause of hard time in gathering data needed if the user are not familiarized or not oriented in using such device like GPS and maybe failed to gathered accurate data for worst.

When we arrived in Cavite, every group has a designated cottage I Idolized the organizers of the fieldtrip because it is successful and well organized. Engr. Edison G. Dizon oriented I and my classmates about the second activity that we will do. Two sections divided into six groups. There are two boats prepared by organizers of the fieldtrip for the surveying in the...
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