Nothing Is Impossible

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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Everyday people hear amazing stories of success. They hear about people achieving goals that are nearly impossible. I believe that nothing is impossible if you out your mind to it. The dictionary defines the word impossible as, incapable of occurring or being done. Throughout history the word impossible has become more and more irrelevant because of the achievement of many goals. Living in a world where technology is continuously growing, the word “impossible” is being used less and less. From the discovery and use of electricity to people traveling through space, technology has completely challenged the view that these things were impossible.

The word impossible has been associated with athletics. One of these subjects includes athletics. Most athletes are very hard workers, which allow them to accomplish goals that others would consider impossible. There are many great stories that involve athletics, such as people overcoming outstanding obstacles or people going against what everyone says and achieving great feats. One such story would be about Michael Jordan and how he was cut from his high school basketball team his sophomore year in high school. After being cut, he returned to try out again and accomplished what people had thought was impossible by making the team and continuing his career into college and eventually to the NBA. Just as Jordan believed that nothing was impossible, I feel it is a very important factor that can greatly help me achieve many goals that other people would consider impossible.

Whether it is in athletics, technology, or anything else in our world today many goals are being accomplished that for many years people have considered impossible. The word impossible is irrelevant in numerous people’s lives because they understand that in many ways nothing is impossible. I feel that hard work and perseverance is the best way to show that nothing is impossible. Athletes overcoming great obstacles, scientists making new discoveries,...
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