Notes on Psychological Barriers to Participation in Sport

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  • Published : December 14, 2010
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Biological factors & demographic factors – Obesity – can be linked to genetics as well as eating a lot; Psychological – self-esteem – a view of one’s self; how much you like yourself? Self-concept- I am intelligent/ self esteem – how much you like that? Social and cultural factors- disposable income (cannot afford gym) working hours (no time) location (no gyms, no football pitches ect) Religion – Muslim (women cannot wear sports gear) religious days could class with sports days (Sunday) Physical Activity characteristics – intensity, duration, frequency of activity; dependent on fitness levels of participants.

Environment – e.g. running requires a certain environment, cycling paths available, rough area; don’t want to leave house in dark Person and Behavioural

Psychological, cognitive and emotional factors
Imporant – Self – efficacy – Situational specific judgement of your ability to complete a particular behavioural set. Self efficacy assessment – includes both affirmation of a capability level and the strength of that belief. ‘I am 75% sure that I can achieve something’. Self efficacy could have a part in the fact that 60% of the population don’t do 30 mins a day.

Triadic Reciprical causation model

Sources of information that impact SE
Performance Accomplishments – strongest impact on SE – They know that they have already done it. Making a task easy enough for the athlete to complete; this could mean that they have good SE in the future. Low exerciser – give them easy exercise.

Vicarious Learning – Model someone elses behaviour –
the closer you are to the model, the easier it is to replicate. I couldn’t copy a golf swing from Tiger. Allows learning to identify errors in the model. Self modelling – watch themselves, video feedback, point out that they can do it, and pinpoint mistakes Verbal Persuasion -

Physiological arousal – non-exercisers could not be used to things such as increased HR, and high breathing. Don’t perceive...
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