Exercise and Obesity

Topics: Obesity, Overweight, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Bryan Phillips


July 29, 2012

Jodee Jacobs

Exercise and Obesity

Being active through exercise can enhance your quality of life. There are so many activities to help in the fight against obesity. Obesity and lack of exercise cause a variety of problems in the young adult population. From increased risk of diseases, overall poor health and psychological issues, the consequences of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are complex and far reaching. Learning the effects of obesity and lack of exercise may encourage you to stay healthy and active. Obesity is becoming overwhelming in young adults because of a lack of activity and exercise. Obesity is a major health problem in young adults. Around forty-one percent of young adults will be overweight by the year 2015 (Bui, Kemp, & Howlett, 2011). Being overweight can lead to many different health issues. The major three diseases related to obesity are cancer, strokes, and diabetes. These three diseases can be deadly and take away from the quality of life. These health issues can be avoided with exercise and a active lifestyle. Young adults have to be more active in the fight against obesity. Being overweight can also lead to mental problems. Overweight people can suffer from a lack of self-confidence (Bui, Kemp, & Howlett, 2011). They do not feel good about themselves and this can lead to depression. Being depressed will lead to a non-active lifestyle. Obese people need to be properly supported in the fight to be motivated in an active lifestyle. Being active will lead to the success in weight loss. The success in weight loss will help them feel better about themselves and bring up their self-confidence. Having more self-confidence will lead them in the right direction in being active. Exercise and an active lifestyle can be rewarding and lots of fun. Gyms can be scary even for...
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