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Controlling in Management
The managerial function controlling always maximise the use of scarce resources to achieve the purposeful behaviour of employees in an organisation. In planning stage, it is decided that how the resources would be utilised but where as in the controlling stage it is observed that whether the resources are being utilised in the same way as planned or not. Thus, control completes the whole sequence of management process.

"Control refers to the task of ensuring that activities are producing the desired results. Control in this case is limited to monitoring the outcome of activities, reviewing feedback information about this outcome, and if necessary, taking corrective actions". - Reeves and Woodward

"Controlling is determining what is being accomplished - that is, evaluating performance and, if necessary, applying corrective measures so that performance takes place according to plans". - Terry and Franklin.

Features of Controlling
* One can control future happenings but not the happened. Hence in here all the past performance is measured for taking corrective actions for future periods. * Every manager in an organization has to perform the control function. The control may be quality control, inventory control, production control, or even administrative control. * Control is a continuous process, it follow a definite pattern and time-table, month after month and year after year on a continuous basis.

Importance of Controlling
* Control system acts as an adjustment in organizational operations. It mainly checks whether plans are being observed and suitable progress towards the objectives is being made or not, and if necessary any action to control the deviations. * Policies and other planning elements set by the managers become the basis and reason for control. Through control it is monitored whether the individuals adhere to those frameworks or not so that organization and management can verify...
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