Northwestern Mutual

Topics: Insurance, Financial services, Mutual insurance Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Northwestern Mutual is one of the top insurance companies listed on the Fortune 500 whose annual report is effective in showing the company’s value and mission, and in promoting its image. The company has been providing and will continue delivering beneficial insurance and financial products to its customers. By repeating select words in varying contexts, using powerful and illustrative photos of the company’s customers and employees, as well as applying easy-to-navigate and accessible design, Northwestern Mutual created an effective Annual Report of 2011 that benefits its intended readers with important and targeted information.

Repeating positive select words in varying contexts emphasizes customers’ confidence in using Northwestern Mutual’s insurance and financial products. In fact, this emphasis is the key message that the company desires to deliver to its readers. The word “confidence” is located on every page that is fully covered by a background picture of the customers including the old, the young, the individuals, and the families. By combining this positive word with photographs of customers, the company emphasizes its customers’ satisfaction while using its products. Moreover, the word “confidence” is written in different grammatical formats, and used in varying contexts such as “live confidently,” “have confidence in your decisions,” or “be confident in your future.” These words are all highlighted and distinguished from other texts by their larger fonts and unique orange color. With a brief explanation underneath, each of the statements about customers’ confidence illustrates a specific dimension of the product values, and together, they deliver the key message throughout the report. The company’s products and services make its customers feel secured and confident about their lives, future and financial situations. Repeating positive select words in varying contexts is an effective tool that emphasizes and helps the key theme recognizable to...
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