North East Region Bulgaria

Topics: Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics, European Union, Economy Pages: 20 (5574 words) Published: March 24, 2013
European Regional Economics

Bulgaria - North-East region

Lecturer: red. prof. dr. Ivo Lavrač

Date: 9 January 2013

Name: Elena Petrova

Student number: 19558190

Table of contents


1. Introduction 3

2. Relative description of north-east region 4

3. SWOT analysis 13

4. Politic of regional development 15

5. Reflections on the future of the region 17

1. Introduction

In my paper work I will present my home country - Bulgaria. It is situated in the south-east part of Europe, and in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula (occupies 22% of its territory).

Bulgaria has a great variety of relief forms. The Picture 1 represents their locations in the county- in the east is the seaside, west and north are occupied by mountains, in central part of are allocated plains and north part consists of many cities that are great historical emblems.

Picture 1. Bulgarian wealth of relief forms

Economy of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a territory from 110 994 km² which ranks it on 102 place in the world, 11-th in the EU and 15 in all Europe. Its populations is 7 364 570 people (96-th place in the world) and its predominantly urban. The density of the population is 66, 35 people per sq. km(139 place in the world).

Bulgarian economy functions on the principals of the free market. It has a large private sector and small but strong public sector. Bulgarian GDP is $54.3 billion (50% below the average EU; 74-th in the world), GDP (PPP) is $101.036 billion (66-th place in the world; only about the half of the EU average), GDP per capita(nominal) – $7,202 (45 per cent of the EU average; the lowest level among the EU members; 76-th place in the world) and GDP per capita(PPP) is $13,597(93-th place in the world). The average monthly wage is 768 leva (393 euro). Despite the fact that Bulgaria has the lowest level of income within the EU, it has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years. The corruption and a weak judicial system stand on the way of future expansion and stop the further development of the country.

The main industries with a great importance for the country are energy, mining, metallurgy, machine building, agriculture and tourism. They all rely on local natural resources. Bulgaria produces a significant amount of manufactures and raw materials (iron, copper, gold, bismuth, and coal), electronics, refined petroleum fuels, vehicle components, weapons and construction materials. Annually Bulgaria export is equal to $25 billion. The countries to which Bulgaria export are - Germany (10.9%), Italy (9.9%), Romania (9.5%), Greece (8.1%), Turkey (7.9%), France 4.1%. Exports are such as machinery and equipment, clothing, fuels, footwear, iron and steel. The import of the country is around $25 billion annually. It imports machinery and equipment, metals and ores, chemicals and plastics, fuels, minerals, and raw materials mainly to Russia (16.3%), Germany (11.8%), Italy (7.5%), Romania 7.1%), Greece (6%), Turkey (5.2%), Ukraine (4.2%).

Bulgaria is a unitary state. By administrative structure it’s divided on 28 administrative districts. They take their names from their respective capital cities. The districts are divided on 264 municipalities. Mayors head the municipalities. They are elected to four-year terms, and by directly elected municipal councils. regional governors and all provinces and municipalities are heavily dependent on the regional governors who are appointed by the national Council of Ministers.

According the NUTS hierarchical classification the country is divided on three levels – NUTS 1, NUTS 2 and...
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