Damianov Press

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Damianov Press

The fall of communism in Burgaria created numerous opportunities for newly privatized larger companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. However, many businesses were greatly challenged by the 1969 crisis, Bulgaria has achieved macroeconomic stability, it has a stable currency, and its real growth is accelerating significantly. It was considered the most attractive of the 2007 candidates for membership in the EU.

Damian Damianov, a retired director of a formerly communist metallurgic factory in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria, bought an abandoned printing press with quality equipment in the outskirt of Sofia. It was privatized in the early 1990’s, after the fall of communism in Bulgaria, was recently abandoned by its previous owner because it was considered an environmental hazard by the state. The previous owner did not want to invest in new equipment needed to meet environmental requirements of the EU, which Bulgaria joined in 2007.

Damianov worked with Bulgarian venture capitalist to establish a new enterprise, the Damianov Press; they assured the financial viability of the company. So the press could afford to purchase equipments awarded the Eco-label, which guaranteed the environmental efficiency; and they also needed to conform the EU requirements in areas of antidiscrimination, equal opportunities, labor law and occupational safety and health at the printing press. The goal of Damianov is to produce quality art books at much lower prices that Western European presses.

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