Normal Force

Topics: Force, Weight, Acceleration Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: August 7, 2012
A ball is thrown upward at time t=0 from the ground with an initial velocity of 18 m/s (~ 40 mph). Assume that g = 10 m/s2. Time to reach apex 18/10 = 1.8
Time x 2 = 3.6
Great height reached by ball – (Velocity)(time)+(-5)(time^2) 18x1.8+(-5)(1.8^2)=16.2

A model rocket accelerates upward from the ground with a constant acceleration, reaching a height of 63 m in 8 s.  * Speed at height 63 - 2x63/8 = answer What is the acceleration= answer/8 *

If you were to drop a rock from a tall building, assuming that it had not yet hit the ground, and neglecting air resistance, after 5.5 s; * How fast? 5.5x10
* How far? Half gravity = 5x5.5^2
A 1200 kg racing car accelerates from rest at a constant rate and covers a distance of 400 m in 10 s. What is the car's acceleration? (in m/s2) 400/10 = 40/10 = 4x2 = 8

If you throw a ball at 100m/s how long does it take to stop?

A ball is thrown downwards from a tall building at 5m/s. which statement is true after it is released?


A crate (80 kg) is hung in an elevator by a cord rated to withstand a tension of 1200 N. The elevator starts at rest and begins moving upwards until the cord holding the crate breaks. What was the acceleration of the elevator when the cord broke? Assume g = 10 m/s2

Top of Form
(T1R + W1E)/ mass |
Bottom of Form

Block 1 (4 kg) is located on the surface of a table. A hand pushes horizontally to the right on block 1 with a normal force of 16 N. On a sheet of paper, draw the free body diagram for block 1 using the two-subscript notation from class. After completing the free body diagram, enter below each force and its x & y-components. Remember that the x-component is the "i" component and the y-component is the "j" component.

Weight force on block 1 by Earth
W1E = 0 i + -40 j N 

Normal force on block 1 by Surface 
N1S = 0 i + 40 j N 

Normal force on block 1 by Hand
N1H = 16 i + 0 j N 
| You are correct. Computer's...
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