Nordstrom vs. Macy's

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Nordstrom's vs. Macy's
Future Challenges

Historically speaking, Canada has never been a great market for American retailers. The Canadian dollar was weak, costs were higher, and with limited real estate development, it was difficult to find space. Not anymore, now the door to Canada is opening wider than ever thanks to a stronger Canadian dollar, a relatively robust economy, and a loosening of the commercial real estate market, in part because of the downsizing of some longtime retailers like Sears Canada. For American retailers, Canada’s allure is simple; sales per square foot at Canadian malls were almost 50 percent higher in 2011 than sales per square foot at American malls. This is a budding market that Nordstrom will need to act towards if they hope to keep up with the competition in the future.

Important Decisions

Nordstrom’s has made many very important decisions in the past that have shaped them into the company they are today. The first and most important came in 1901 when founder John W. Nordstrom decided to use the money he had left from the gold rush to open a shoe store in Seattle with Carl Wallin, called Wallin & Nordstrom. The next big decision came in 1966 when it was decided that the Nordstrom's shoe store in Portland would begin selling clothing as well. This marked a pivotal change in direction for Nordstrom’s. After the success of the Portland store, it was decided to implement the idea in the other stores. In the 1980’s Nordstrom’s experienced a boom. This was due to many factors but one of the most prevalent was their amazing use of customer support. Over almost anyone else Nordstrom’s prides itself on having some of, if not the best, customer support. This is helped by them recruiting managers from the ranks of salespeople thereby encouraging their employees to work harder while maintaining high moral. Nordstrom, along with the retail industry, sources products from around the world, and this means they encounter a wide...
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