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iPhone/iPad App Business Plan
Basic Ideas That Will Help You Make Money

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Why iPhone/iPad?
Let's see what the AppStore stats say:
Average price for an app: $3.99 – $4.99. Anyone can afford the apps without any double thinking. There are over 300 new apps submitted to AppStore every day. The market is huge, the number of niches is infinite. Apple users download 3,500,000 apps every day. Can you imagine the market volume and its opportunities? Majority of apps are paid: only about 20% of apps are free. AppStore users are ready to buy.

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First Step: pick a type for your iPhone/iPad app
Entertainment. games, multimedia, social networking. Information. news rss, travel guide, books catalog. Useful. fitness, ticket booking, education, scheduling. Anything. any idea you find in your head. Top 5 categories on iTunes:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Books: 41308 active apps Games: 35266 active apps Entertainment: 27279 active apps Education: 18539 active apps Travel: 15158 active apps Aug 2010 | © Sibers |

Spending Assumption
Costs to consider 1. Apple Developer Program: $99 2. Shared hosting: about $4.5 per month 3. A .com domain name: $10.96 per year 4. Software development: $2000 minimum Total money needed to get started:

Time required to spend this money 1. Software development and testing: 2 weeks 2. Apple App Store approval period: about 1 week Total time:

3 weeks
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Revenue projection
Top 3 ways of earning money with your iPhone apps are:
Selling iPhone app
or per month. selling directly through AppStore and you can choose your billing strategy: per app

Advertising with iPhone app application itself is free and monetizing goes through making money with advertising.

Free trial version people get your free trial iPhone or iPad application and they have to pay for either full functionality or switching off...
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