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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Executive Summary

Thorsen Bank is planning to develop an app that enables users to carry out a range of banking services via their smartphone for four months. Since Thorsen bank has a limited time & budget with a small team of existing software developers, it is not able to develop both iOS and Android OS apps together at once. In this report, we will address the key strengths and weaknesses of each OS, and give our recommendation that we believe would be in the best interest of Thorsen Bank.

iOS vs Android OS

iOS Strengths| iOS Weaknesses|
* More downloads and use a banking app * More mature acquisition and retention rate of iPhone users * During the app store submission process, it is possible to develop android OS app * Developing for the iPhone is easy from the hardware perspective (only five devices running IOS)| * Apple has a right to reject submitted application and future application updates * Required to work with Apple to get the security fix reviewed, approved, and deployed quickly * Need iOS app development education for the high quality app * The average cost of developing app $27,463 (According to Vision Mobile)|

Android OS Strengths| Android OS Weaknesses|
* High market share and consistently continue to rise up * Open source code provides a low barrier to entry for app developers * Next future innovative device like galaxy and sky will be more likely to use open source app * The average cost of developing app $22,637 (According to Vision Mobile)| * Too many versions of operating system in circulation * Difficult to continue to keep the code up to date for all platforms as each one splinters into new incarnations, releases new hardware and OS updates * At least 170 devices running Android OS, with widely varying features, from keyboards to cameras to button, plus different screen shapes and sizes * Lack of governance in the Android market led to a proliferation of...
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