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The objective of the brand audit is to conduct an in-depth examination of a major brand and suggest ways to improve and leverage that brand equity by providing recommendations to the brand concerning how the brand should be managed over the next 5 years by critically analyzing the brand inventory and brand exploratory. Scope

The brand audit will be based entirely on information from public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as our own professional experiences and insights. If possible primary research will be conducted to some extent and results from that research will be studied in order to understand the brand positioning, awareness, planning, building and growth. This will also be considered in suggesting ways as to how the brand should be managed in coming years in order to enhance its positioning.

The final report profiles the positioning of the brand, its sources of brand equity and provides recommendations concerning how to build and manage equity for the brand chosen.


As we examine our brand we will answer the following points concerning a brand:


The Origin of NOKIA and the Telecom Industries:

Nokia Corporation as it is known today didn’t actually start out as a mobile device manufacturer. The company’s history can be traced back to the mid-19th century, when it was established as a groundwood pulp mill in 1865 in Finland. The company was formally founded in 1871, named after the town near which its operations were based. In 1902, Nokia entered into the business of electricity generation and one of its major clients was a company called Finnish Rubber Works which was also using Nokia as its product brand. Finnish Rubber Works went on to acquire the Nokia Company and a company called Finnish Cable Works which produced telephone, telegraph and electrical cables. By 1967, the three companies were merged into a conglomerate known as Nokia Corporation. This conglomerate was involved in the production of a wide variety of goods ranging from paper and plastics to tires and footwear, and from electric machinery and military equipment to consumer electronics and computers.

Rise of Telecom Industry:

Nokia has been instrumental in developing the mobile technologies that the world relies on. Right from the 70s through to the 90s, Nokia made major breakthroughs in the field of communication technology and was the company responsible for bringing out the world’s first mobile phone. It started in 1981, known as the beginning of the mobile era, when Nordic Mobile Telephone was built. This was the first ever international mobile phone network. Nokia followed this up with the DX200, its first digital telephone switch in 1982. The Mobira Talkman portable phone was launched in 1984 and finally the mobile phone was born in the form of the Mobira Cityman, the first handheld phone using NMT. In fact, Nokia also happens to have manufactured the equipment that was used to make the first GSM call in 1991. All of this was done by a joint venture between Nokia and Salora known as Mobira Oy which was later bought by Nokia.

Nokia Goes Mobile:

Nokia- The Mobile Industry Leader
Nokia was also instrumental in helping develop the GSM standard for mobile telephony. GSM was adopted as the new standard for digital mobile technology by Europe in 1987. Due to the great potential of the telecommunication business, Nokia decided to consolidate all its other operations and pursue the manufacturing of mobile phones as its core business in 1992. Soon after, they launched their first GSM handset known as the Nokia 1011. The following years made up for a long...
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