Brand Audit of Waiwai

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  • Published: March 29, 2011
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Introduction of Wai Wai
Chaudhary Group (CG) is the largest private corporate house in Nepal having diversified interests across various sectors. It was established in 1935, by Mr. Bhuramull Chaudhary as a shop in the New Road (Currently), CG at present is a conglomerate of over 40 businesses, with investment outlay of over $250million. CG started to produce Wai Wai in collaboration with Asian Thai Food in 1977 A.D. This company now produces varieties of noodles like: Wai Wai Chicken, Wai Wai Vegetarian, Wai Wai Tandoori, Wai Wai Tomyam, Wai Wai Tenz, Wai Wai Mutton, Wai Wai Spinach, Wai Wai Quick, Wai Wai Quick Schezwan, Wai Wai Quick Manchurian, Wai Wai Quick Chicken Pizza, Wai Wai Quick Kimchi, Wai Wai Cup Noodles (chicken and vegeterian), Golmol, Sathi, MIMI, Rin Tin, Mama etc. Though there were various competitors brands of noodles like: YumYum and RaRa, from the very beginning of its operation, it has been able to retain its top position in Nepalese market. After few decades Mayos was introduced in 1997; 2PM was produced and marketed by Himalayan Snacks and Noodles.

It seems like Wai Wai, Mayos, 2PM and Rum Pum is core competitors in the premium segment of brown noodles market of Nepal. Wai Wai is perhaps the most common brand of dry foods in Nepal. Wai Wai produced in Nepal used to be exported to India. The rising popularity of Wai Wai in India led CG Foods to open factories in India. Wai Wai has gained popularity in about thirty countries around Asia and Europe, with most foreign tourists taking a liking to it and importing it into their respective countries.

The audit Elements
1. Market/Industry Segment.
2. Brand Standing Metrics.
3. Brand Management Audit.
4. Brand Management Strategy Proposal.

1. Market/Industry Segment:

Basically, there are four segments of noodle industry in the market. They are: * Premium segment
* Buy 2 get 1 free segment
* Snack noodles segment
* White noodles segment

The noodles...
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