Nivea Marketing Research

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This assignment highlight on positioning strategy for Nivea For Men within the wide. NIVEA is one of the families of brands owned by Beiersdorf, the international skincare company and it began in 1911(Nivea for Men - Brief, 2011). In 1980 Nivea launched NIVEA FOR MEN globally, and it was very famous among the male as it was the first product that are alcohol-free.

Market segment

Market segmentation is the key strategic concept in marketing today (Michael N. Tuma, 2011). It is shows as the attempt to distinguish 'homogeneous groups of customers who can be targeted in the same manner because they have similar needs and preferences'. (Wedel & Kamakura, 2002). Good market segmentations helps in understanding the market, the ability to predict buying behaviour accurately and increased profit of companny.

| |Segmentation Variables |Generation Z |Generation Y |Generation X | |Geographic |Country |Malaysia |Malaysia |Malaysia | |Demographic |Income |Pocket money |Pocket money, salary |Salary, retirement funds | | |Age |7-16 years old |17-39 years old |40-65 years old | | |Occupation |Student |Student, Employees |Employees, Retired | | |Education level |Primary & secondary school |College, University, Graduates|Primary, Secondary school | |Psychographic |Personality |Dynamic |Trendy |Less conscious about appearance | | | |Addictive |Quick | | | |Gender |Male |Male |Male | | |Lifestyle |Medium level of stress |Stressful |Medium level of stress | | | |Easy |Busy |Slow path | | | | |Fast pace | | | | | |Social | | |Behavioral |Usage rate |Moderate |Heavy |Light |

Market targeting

Organisers usually set their target markets on the basis of broad segments. They select all or some of the segments according to their strategic goals. (Berné & García-Uceda, May,2007).

The market target of Nivea For Men is the ‘Generation Y’ segment. This segment is chosen since these segment’s consumers have higher willingness to spend money on skin care products. Furthermore, these individual are more conscious about their out appearance and self-image. Most of them need to build up confidence in either working world or study world, therefore most likely they will purchase male skin care product that is easy to use and ensure the better self-image.

Besides, the potential segment is the ‘Generation X’ segment. Individuals in this segment will more likely to purchase the anti-aging product of Nivea For Men as the society nowadays are rely on first impression. They will purchase the...
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