Nirvana Memorial Park Snd Bhd

Topics: Management, Acre, Customer service Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Nirvana Memorial Park Sdn Bhd (Hereinafter called Nirvana) is one of the subsidiaries owned by NY Multi Corporation Berhad. Nirvana had started the operation in year 1990 Dato’s David Kong had secured development license for 50 acres land in Kajang district. Here is where Nirvana had started their first private garden-like memorial park for non-Muslim. In 20 years of operation, Nirvana is currently having 680 acres of land for their eight memorial park and three funeral parlour complexes that located at high Chinese populated cities in Malaysia and Indonesia (NV Multi Corporation, 2010). Beside that also ability of innovation management had brought Nirvana become the leader of the bereavement care industry. A lot of effort had been put into the customer value proposition, assets, products and services that available in order to have today success. The following are Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Slogan set by Nirvana 1.1 Vision

“To be a caring responsible organization and they are committed to providing quality service to clients with personal care attention” (NV Multi Corporation, 2010). Nirvana believes that they are playing an important role in the society by providing their quality bereavement care services throughout of the lost of their loves one. They are providing “one-stop” bereavement care services to their customer based on their preferences and needs. 1.2 Mission

“To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives and to exercise their responsibility as industry leader by setting high standard of services, safely and fair business practices” (NV Multi Corporation, 2010). Nirvana as the market leader in bereavement care industry will continue to maintain their highest degree services in order to service their customers and compilation of corporate governance. Bereavement care is part of the needs of everyone, therefore with their complete...
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