Nirav Bhatti

Topics: India, Life, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (376 words) Published: June 23, 2011

My Self
My Family
My School/My College
My Routine Work
My Ambition
My Best Friend
My City
My Country
My Childhood
Junagadh (About Historical Place)
My Favourite Person
My Favourite Teacher
My Favourite Cricketer
My Favourite Actor (Hero) & Actress(Heroine)
My Favourite Film
My Favourite Freedom Fighter
My Favourite Role Model
My Favourite Game
My Favourite Festival
My Favourite T.V. Programme
Importance of Teacher in Our Life
Importance of Friendship in Our Life
Importance of English in Our Life
Importance of Competition in Our Life
Importance of Planning & Management in Our Life
Advantages & Disadvantages Of T.V.
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Computer
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Mobile
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Modern Dresses
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Co-Education
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Festivals
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Examination
Advantages & Disadvantages Of City & Village
Advantages & Disadvantages Of News Paper
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Advertisement
Role of Discipline in Students Life
Effects of Foreign Festivals
About Indian Festivals (Explain Each Festival)
Your Experience About Earth quake
Indian Politics/Politicians
If I Were The Prime Minister of India
India Past & Present(In Reference of Progress in Every Stream) Position of Women in India
The Fire Problems of India & Their Solutions
Terrorism (As a World Problem)
Science Blessing or Curse
Modernality Blessing or Curse
Positive & Negative Effects of Navaratri Festival
Effects of T.V. Serials
Situation of Children in Education At Present
Relationships Are Helpers OR Hurdles
Risk & Success
First Deserve OR Desire?
Meaning of Life
Qualities of Life Partner
Your Experience About ‘The Monarch’
Junagadh – Before Corporation & After Corporation
Are Successful Person Always Good?
Ragging – Good OR Bad?
Tuitions - Good OR Bad?
Reservation - Good...
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