Topics: Space exploration, Human spaceflight, Want Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: February 24, 2013
My secret ambition – to fly into space

There are two ways to go into space. You can pay $200,000 for a trip, or you can become an astronaut and make scientific researches in space shuttles or in open space. Do you know how hard is to become an astronaut? The astronaut career includes contact with the highest technologies, known to mankind, the most avant-garde scientific developments and last but not least, a unique experience and adrenaline.   To apply for NASA, for example, you must fill in the appropriate form, which is located on the site of NASA. If you meet the conditions will likely be invited to the one week interview for different types of tests. If indicators are sufficient good you will navigate in the box "candidate Cosmonaut”. But that is my dream work, so I am prepared to do all the training and the huge competition. Every two years, NASA announced a list of about 100 men and women, selected from thousands of candidates. If I am one of these, I will be lucky — to follow two years of hard work and training in Space Center Houston. During these two years I`ll have courses in basic sciences - mathematics, astronomy, physics and geology. Of course to become an astronaut I should have a good physical training for survival in different conditions, deep diving, simulation of micro-gravity, drills in environments with high and low pressure, working with space suit. I will need to go and a special test for swimmers: three lengths in the 25 meter swimming pool in full equipment. At the end of the two years training I will have the chance to be selected for a real space mission and that will be the reason of all those preparations. I really hope to get the help that I need from Masterclass and get the chance to receive expert tuition from a professional astronaut. So if you are asking me why I want to be an astronaut – there`s only one reason: I don’t want to drink recycled water from my own urine and the urine of other crew members, I don`t want to......
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